I promised an update to the mantra, see below from my blog post, 4/30 – Release limitations, and embrace the positive.

I’m open to abundance and prosperity in all its forms!”

I originally said 7 days and had a rethink and decided to do it for 14 days. Now, I will admit that I haven’t been consistent, especially at the beginning……changing habits takes time, but have become more conscious of testing this theory out especially when I started to notice some synchronicity in the events that started to unfold. I started to received some signs from the universe that people did appreciate me, either in the form of acknowledgement for past services rendered; small wins as in one off demands for my services, albeit paid. This was refreshing!

So in conclusion, it does pay off to be more consciously aware of our  intent and actions, because if small acts help to open up doors, then eventually a snowball effect is definitely possible!

Feel free to share your stories in the comment section. It would be lovely to get a movement going……kindness creates more kindness. We really need it in today’s frenetic world!

JA - Right Place n Time

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