My thanks to all those who participated in the Survey and for those that missed it, you can always revisit past posts and still participate if you so choose. Also, thank you to those who took the time and trouble out of their busy schedules to spread the word around about my 28 Abundance online program. The next one begins on September 9th, so for those that missed it, you can reserve your spot by registering: 28-Day Program   

Hope you all had a great weekend. Here in NYC, the weather was glorious, Sunny, warm and not too humid. Since we are now heading into the dog days of Summer, I’m taking a break from posting on a daily basis for the next couple of weeks and will post periodically thereafter for the rest of the month of August. Rumi expresses so well Rumi - Wisdom♥  Feel free to share this with friends, family and colleagues.  ♥     ~Namaste, SoulHarmony4U ©