Greetings, I thought I should share this technique with you. IMHO, it was too good to pass up.

By Dr. Joan Borysenko:

“You have two minds in one brain. One is reflexive, survival and pleasure oriented, and conditioned by beliefs and past experiences. It’s totally necessary and useful- it doesn’t need to think to make decisions and take action- but that very fact can also lead to trouble. Then you have wise mind, the product of your precious reflective, self-awareness. Wise mind lives in the prefrontal cortex and helps you make conscious decisions. When you’re in wise mind you feel alert, observant, open, and centered. In other words, mindful. If you’re in reflexive mind, the key is to notice that and shift your awareness and brain function to wise mind. You can do that easily, with 1-2 minutes of simple breathing. Breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth as if you were exhaling through a straw. Your outbreath will be longer than your inbreath. Without efforting, just notice that you can slow down your breathing to 4-6 breaths per minute. In just one to two minutes you will have made a shift from reactivity to centeredness. Keep on practicing. I’ll remind you every week or so. Let us know your experiences with this.”

You can see Dr. Joan Borysenko in action:

She does wonderful work. I do hope you all enjoyed this little slice of information and put it to good use!

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