Attended the “Heal Your Life Seminar” presented by HayHouse in NYC. Louise Hay, noted authoress and publisher, is an inspiration to behold at 83! We all have so much to learn from this wise-woman. The program was both informative as well as diverse in its presenters.

Two in particular stand out: Greg Braden, former Engineer, gave a wonderful introduction on the 2012 theory and its true meaning, not the dramatic end of the World nonsense espoused by fear mongers and charlatans; the other was a Scottish Scientist, David R. Hamilton, with a Ph.d in Organic Chemistry, touting that the mind-body connection is much stronger than medical science would have your believe at this point in time and can be explored in his book, It’s the Thought That Counts.

The other speakers were the indomitable, Suzie Orman, and the delightful, Cheryl Richardson.